Who Are We?
Welcome to the site of the Alpha Kappa chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi. Founded in 1987 we have served as a home for Jewish students at Carnegie Mellon for over thirty years.

Walk through our doors on the corner of Forbes and Morewood and immediately feel part of something.
Whether you seek camaraderie, escape from your school work, or just a great time, the community fostered by the brothers of AEPi is the place for you.
Our Values
Our values are the foundation of our organization. We refer to these values as the “Five Pillars”, and they are at the heart of everything we do: faith, honesty, humility, perserverence, and mutual helpfulness.
Learn more about our values on our National website, aepi.org.
Our Leadership
Alpha Epsilon Pi’s goal is to develop leaders for the global Jewish community. The Executive Board works to support their undergraduate Brothers socially, academically, and religiously.
Vice President
David R.